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A green revolution in the inspection industry

Subsea inspections are both complex and costly. They require DP vessels, ROVs, extensive planning, and a team of experts. Even a minor unexpected issue can disrupt the entire operation. BeyonC was founded to pave the way for a more environmentally friendly and efficient future, aiming to bring positive change to the industry.

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Easy to mobilize

The mini-ROV's lightweight, compact design and portability (around 40 kg) enable easy mobilization. It can be hand-carried or transported by helicopters and small boats, ensuring quick and cost-effective deployment.

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Easy to deploy

The mini-ROV is purposefully crafted for a 2-3-person team. Its compact size, measuring about 740x660x240 mm, allows it to be effortlessly deployed from various assets or small boats, requiring minimal dependencies.

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Easy to operate

The mini-ROV is thoughtfully created to provide a user-friendly experience. It features low hardware requirements, an intuitive application structure, and a versatile operational area, all built on a fully modular ROV platform.

Benefits of using this technology:

Can be operated by a 2 to 3 person crew

>90% reduced CO2 emissions

Greatly reduced cost

Low mobilization and deploy requirements

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