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Survey of subsea structures and pipelines

Subsea Inspection

Traditional subsea inspections methods are reliant on shifting vessel schedules and complex mobilizations, often requiring the hazardous operation entering the Assets Safe Zone.

Our focus turned towards a greener, leaner future, and so BeyonC AS was founded to change the industry. Together with important partners like JM Robotics® AS, FORCE Technology Norway AS and Innovatum Ltd we are streamlining the subsea inspection industry worldwide.

Long term and project-based contracts

In addition to project-based operations BeyonC offers clients a monthly rental option as long-term lease.

BeyonC offer operational personnel, but can also train local inspectors through a combination of online courses and in field training with BeyonC experts on-site during the first inspection(s).

Ikon - plattform


Jackets, shallow water pipelines and shorelandings, floating structures


Ikon - båt

Small boat

Our Acro can be deployed from small boats.
2-3 man crew required

FiGS® CP, Pipetracker, GVI/CVI, Eiva

Ikon - vindmølle


Offshore windfarms, cables and substations

FiGS® CP, Cabletracking, GVI/CVI

Ikon - ROV

Survey spread mini-ROV

Our ROV’s are fitted with the latest technology

Project specific sensor spread

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